Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pre-Order For Month of January!


Another sudden news as FF is currently taking orders for designer handbags (as usual) :D. There are still empty spots left, so if anyone is interested to order, do drop me an email okay? :) All inquiries and orders should arrive to me before Friday noon, 6th January, 12am. Sorry for the short period of time to order. All items for the month of January will arrive by 9th January, so you'll be expecting to get them just in a short while after the arrival date.

Send me details of your preferred bags, I'll quote the price and you can confirm the order and make payment for the order(s).

You know where to get me ladies.

Email me at aida.ghaffar@gmail.com or thisissofashion@gmail.com

Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday ladies!


p/s: Bags that arrived for the month of November and December will be posted out soon in here. So stay tune! :)

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