Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9th Batch: Fashion Forward Open For Orders Longchamp Handbags!

---------------------Orders Now Closed------------------------

From colorful Le Pliage to finger licking limited edition current Longchamp collections, who can resist from having one of these bags? Guess what, our shop, Fashion Forward is now opening orders only for LONGCHAMP! Yes, we hate to disappoint you who have been eyeing for these lovely and wonderful collections, so we decided to open for orders. All Longchamp handbags will be purchased directly from boutiques in the United Kingdom.

Period of order is limited though which we have set to be from today, 28th September till Friday, 7th October 2011. I guess it's more than enough time for you to purchase so start sending your orders now to us.

Same thing applies:

So, the details on how to purchase:

If you have already figured out what to get, just email me

1) Details - the picture of the bag, price in pounds, colour etc at


3) I'll quote you the price in ringgit.

4) Confirm orders and make the payment.
(Full payment required upon confirmation)

As of now, feast your eyes for the current collections from Longchamp.

Yummy huh? :) Email me now ladies! :)

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