Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Order Collected: Gucci Sukey Medium

Two more orders for the Gucci Sukey Medium and this time also in tan tramming and also the white trimming (which i loveeeee!) :)

Gucci next in line.
Sukey Medium in tan/brown and off-white trimming :)

So far I have received 4 orders for the sukey medium in tan/brown trimming.
It's surely a hit! :)

And this beauty in off-white trimming pun hotness!
Ergh, drool for the large sukey in off-white :)

Thank Miss A! :)

Thanks Miss N! :)

Good one eyy?


potpetmama said...

salam, i like this design..but would like to know the price, perhaps u can email it to me,tq

ira abadi said...


may i know the price for gucci sukey in medium size?

mommykaseh said...

may i know the price for the gucci medium sukey?